Rowan Documentation

Rowan is a cloud-based quantum chemistry platform. With Rowan, you can submit, view, analyze, and share quantum chemical calculations on small molecules. If you're new to Rowan, check out our tutorials to get started!

Rowan is built around a variety of engines, which actually run the requested scientific calculations. Rowan provides a unified interface, deployment environment, and database for calculation submission, management, and analysis. To learn more about the underlying engines and how calculations are run, see our quantum chemistry documentation.

Most users will want to interact with Rowan through our web interface at Through the web, you can submit, view, and analyze calculations through an easy-to-use graphical user interface. You can also purchase additional credits online, generate API keys, and set usage limits. View the documentation for Rowan's web interface here.

Advanced users may also wish to use Rowan's Python API. Through our API, jobs can be submitted, monitored, and analyzed in an entirely scripted manner, allowing for the construction of complex, fully automated workflows. The documentation for Rowan's API can be found here.